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Why are you so eager to die? Part II

His eyes were fixed on mine. Searching for something I am not sure I can name. Maybe..I am not sure, but the look on his face was almost the same as he had looking at the sea and the sky. Maybe, only maybe, he was searching for that thread of hope that I needed.


Why are you so eager to die? Part I

" Why are you so eager to die?" " Because it is the only way I can get home."   His question just hit me. I didn't think anyone noticed that I am at war, with myself. His question was... Continue Reading →

Writing prompt 1

"She was the only one who loved him for who he was."   He wasn't the nicest person; He wasn't the best looking, but almost; He wasn't the best student; He wasn't meant for her; But she loved him. It... Continue Reading →

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