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I am enough

For many many years, I believed I wasn't good enough for him. At first I believed that my way of being, shy and bossy at times, wasn't attractive enough. Then, I believed my laughter was too loud, that I laughed... Continue Reading →


I have finally moved on

It is odd how much our tastes can change. One day you like this, years later you like something much better. I used to fancy him so much. Now I don't. I used to be attracted to his features, to... Continue Reading →

The life we didn’t imagined

Maybe it will be ok in the end.

My life is a cliché

The life I currently live is not at all the sort of life I imagined or expected when I was a bit younger. 

​SHE IS ME by Amanda Bible Williams

The Truth does not magically erase her suffering or cure her disappointment. It does not negate her struggle or invalidate her sorrow. It does something even better—it leads her into relationship with the One who made her and makes her new, the One who is greater than all of these. 

Piece of a thought II

My whole body is full of joy and grace and how very thankful I am there are no words to explain.

I should be happy and only happy

I don't want to draw over an already made picture. I want to start a new piece of art, on a new page, with new colours and new pencils and new everything.

To define is to limit (Oscar Wilde)

We have this urge to define because defining makes us feel safe. We need to feel safe. But...but to define is to limit after all. (Oscar wilde). Of course you need to know who you are but what I am... Continue Reading →

I may be limited but HE IS NOT

There are people who are far better than me, all around the world..but! There aren't people who have a better God than mine. He is almighty and all powerful. I might not be the best but I have dreams! I... Continue Reading →

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