“She was the only one who loved him for who he was.”


He wasn’t the nicest person;

He wasn’t the best looking, but almost;

He wasn’t the best student;

He wasn’t meant for her;

But she loved him.

It all started 10 years ago when she was only 11 and he 13. Maybe he was her bad luck.

They were so small, so childish, but her love was far from being immature. From day one, from the first sight, she decided that even if he won’t like her she wants to be his friend. More than anything she wanted to be there for him.

I think no one could have accused her of a fleeting passion. Her love was of the most pure kind. She didn’t see what others did. She saw him for who he really was. She saw the potential. In her eyes he was one of a kind. He was full of passion, a fighter through and through, he was the man of her dreams.

But this, was only what she saw, what she actually decided to saw. I am not saying that the potential wasn’t there. It was…and actually it is still there. I am certain of it, because I am she and I still see the potential in him, but now she knows that he is definitely not the man of her dreams.

It took her many many years to realise that her eyes that saw the best in him didn’t see what was the best for her.

Just because you see the best in someone does not mean that you have to fall for him or her. It doesn’t come down to who is good or bad but who is good for you!

As I said before it took her quite some time to unlove him, if what she felt was love, but those years weren’t wasted. Along the way she learned what was meant for her and what love wasn’t. Yes, what it wasn’t.

Love wasn’t what she gave her, occasional attention, a few kind words, some flirty gestures that were only meant to convince her to do something for him. These thing we’re not what love should have felt like.

A long long friendships wasn’t love.

The memories they shared were not love.

And the possibility of a romantic love story was definitely not love.

As days, months and years pass, I am more and more grateful for the friendships we share, for the memories we have and for the fact that I have moved on.
Now I am waiting to learn what love is. What love feels like.