I will painfully accept the reality of him not wanting me, naively hoping that it might be a reality only at this time and that one day, things will change. I hope that one day when we will be both ready we would have interest in each other, fit into one another’s life perfectly and furthermore I hope we will have the courage to admit that.


I know that in this instant I am not ready and I presume he is not either. I strongly hope that over the time I won’t lose sight of him and that I won’t forget him completely and if I will assume it happened for a reason.

He was and is dear to my heart and I ardently believe in him. I believe that it would be a loss to me not to ever cross path with him again. But it might happen. He might be only a short fraction of my life that was mean to change my vision for a lifetime. He might be..and it makes me sad. I wish he would have an impact on my life from now on, over and over again, without changing me yet directing my path towards the real me. The truth might be after all that I over romanticised him..


To be honest it’s not that hard letting go of him, for now. The thing that scares me nevertheless is the idea that it might not be for now but evermore.