We have this urge to define because defining makes us feel safe. We need to feel safe. But…but to define is to limit after all. (Oscar wilde).

Of course you need to know who you are but what I am saying is you can be what in the world you want! To feel safe isn’t mandatory, but to enjoy life is of utmost importance.

I won’t live a limited life. I won’t limit my possibilities just so I could fit in someone’s random pattern that himself cannot explain. Why be regular?

Isn’t irregular enchanting adventurous beautiful and far from boring? Finding a pattern, a rule has always been an issue. We always seem to want to find a reason for everything that happens..just let it be. Allow yourself to be who ever in the world you want! Be your true self. If you are bold and shy at the same time, be. If you are christian and wild, be it. If you are pink haired and lawyer, be it.

Be courageous

Be brave



Always young in spirit


Hungry for new

A wanderer






Love and live with intention

Be who God created you to be

Glorious son or daughter.

Be His

Now and forever